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Overcoming the Barriers to Improving SME Energy Performance Through Grant-Aided Energy Audit Vouchers

Written by Industry Expert Tutor, Finbarr Stapleton. Like other EU member states, Ireland has binding targets for 2030. Ireland has committed in its NECP to reducing overall GHG emissions annually by 7 % on average towards 2030, representing the equivalent of a 45 % reduction be...

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What are the Obstacles and Benefits of Virtual EHS Audits?

Written by Finbarr Stapleton – Expert Tutor in Environment & Energy Management, Quality and Health & Safety Training The global pandemic has resulted in challenges in all walks of life. Those of us involved in auditing, auditor training and certification of manageme...

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Top Tips for a Better Virtual Training Experience

After moving from years of classroom based training to the virtual world, our Expert Tutor, Edel Jones asks the question is virtual training here to stay and gives valuable insights and advice on how to make the most of virtual As ISO 22000/2018 defines Risk as ‘The effect of u...

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What the Zoom is Virtual Training?? An inside perspective

As I packed away my computer on March 10th last year and headed down the long drive of Citi West hotel, I was pleased to be heading home after a successful 1-day HACCP refresher course. Little did I know that 13 months later, I would not have returned to a venue that I had used f...

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ISO 50001:2018 Energy management systems – requirements with guidance for use

ISO 50001:2018 Energy management systems – requirements with guidance for use ISO 50001:2018, the Energy Management System standard was published in August 2018. The standard defines a systematic approach for the improvement of energy performance within an organisation. The sta...

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