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Edel has a B.Sc. (Hons), M.Applied Science (Food Science), Cert Training & Continuing Education, is a Fellow of the Institute of Food Science & Technology (Ireland) and holds auditor qualifications from IRCA (International Register of Certified Auditors). She is an experienced Food Safety Professional with extensive knowledge and experience within various sectors of the food industry and has held significant positions in organisations such as the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Ireland where Edel is a fellow and past president. She is also a Licensed trainer with C.I.E.H (UK) and with the Environmental Health Officers Association of Ireland.

Edel has a passion for training and enjoys the interaction with her learners over the duration of the training course. Many of her learners often put the ‘Skill of the trainer’ as the highlight of the course on their evaluation form which is testament to Edel’s natural training style. She often surprises her delegates when she asks as an ice breaker, for an interesting fact about themselves and she tells them she met a canonised saint (No, she is not ancient), she had a private audience with Pope John Paul Second, now Saint John Paul!!.

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Tutor Quote

A quote I have put great value in as I go through life is from the Greek Philosopher Plato: ‘A good decision is based on knowledge not on numbers’. So often we have to stand out from the crowd when we know what is right and this is a value I hope to instill into my two sons.

- Edel Jones

Student Testimonials

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Edel was very easy to listen to and very easy to interact with.  Course was very interesting and easy to understand

– Amy Greehy, Quality Department, Silver Pail Dairy

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I would like to extend our compliments to Edel Jones and SQT on the excellent HACCP training we received last week. Everybody at the course commented on how engaged they were in the training which we feel was due to Edel’s skills as an experienced trainer.

The level of knowledge of those who attended the course varied from extremely familiar to very little knowledge of working with HACCP. We all agree the course content and delivery of information was superb.  Edel’s excellent delivery of information made the content of the course easy to understand despite the fact that certain aspects of HACCP can be quite complicated.

– Tracy Hogan, Quality Co-Ordinator, Silver Pail Dairy

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Very informative two days. Edel was extremely helpful & easy to understand

– Emma Partridge Evans, Quality Auditor, Green Farm Foods

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Edel lives in lovely West Cork with her husband and her two sons whom she adopted from the Philippines and Vietnam. Living in such a beautiful location makes exercise such as walking, sailing and swimming easy to enjoy especially in the summer months.

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